About Us

Early childhood development is a very important period in your child’s life.  Social learning, communication, intellectual awareness, and physical strides are all part of these first few years.  Moreover, these are done in an ever-increasingly socially and culturally diverse environment.  In recognition of these developmental changes and diverse settings, the Arco Iris Bilingual Children’s Center has created a program dedicated to meeting your child’s growing awareness in a bilingual English/Spanish classroom.

The philosophy of the Arco Iris Bilingual Children’s Center’s is to provide a learning atmosphere that is suited for advancing self-esteem, confidence, and the art of learning.  We provide an outstanding program due to our child-focused environment and professional and certified staff.  Our space guarantees a student-teacher ratio that will focus on the child’s social and intellectual growth.

Our goal is to teach children using a variety of methods, including role playing and dramatic movement, free play, sensory development, and sharing.  We also believe that each child learns and develops at his or her own pace.  Since this will be a bilingual school, our curriculum will be in English and Spanish, with materials written and taught in both languages.  We promote each child’s natural instinct for learning, inquiry, and discovery, resulting in his or her own mastery of the world around them.


Carolina Reyes, Owner and Director

Ana Gallardo, Teacher

Jenny Marte, Teacher

Cecilia Venegas, Teacher

Debbie Laskey, Teacher

Wendy Acosta, Teacher

Dora Medrano, Teacher