The Curriculum

Arco Iris Bilingual Children’s Center utilizes a creative curriculum in which children can enjoy play, dramatic arts, and other forms of learning to discover the world around them, as well as appreciate and respect others.  Moreover, Arco Iris will do this in a bilingual environment where the teachers will speak in both Spanish and English.  Children will soon catch on and parents will discover their children uttering Spanish at home!

Please feel free to download our Arco Iris Parent Handbook, the 2017-2018 Tuition Rates, and the Arco Iris 2017-2018 School Year Calendar.  We have programs and rates that will fit your needs!

If you would like to enroll your child, please read and sign the Parent Handbook, as well as download and fill out the following eight forms:

1) Registration Form

2) Health Inventory Form

3) Emergency Form

4) Immunization Certificate Form

5) Lotion & Ointment Application Form

6) MD Medication Administration Authorization Form

7) Asthma Action Plan Form (if necessary)

8) Allergy Action Plan Form (if necessary)